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Media Release: Adani’s so-called announcement just a grab for public funds

Media Release
Larissa Waters 6 Jun 2017

Adani’s announcement today is just a PR stunt to squeeze a $1 billion handout from Australian taxpayers, say the Australian Greens.  

"This so-called final investment decision is meaningless, Adani is still broke, and 19 banks have refused to fund their deadly mega-coal mine,” says Deputy Leader of the Australian Greens and Queensland Senator, Larissa Waters.

"Today’s announcement does not mean the mine will go ahead, it’s a grab for a $1 billion handout of public funds from the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility.

"This is desperate PR stunt from a desperate company trying to squeeze even more freebies from their mates in Labor and the Liberal Nationals. 

"Now the pressure is on Queensland Labor not to sign off on the $1 billion handout for Adani, and on Bill Shorten to pick a side and oppose this killer mine. 

"If Queensland Labor signs on the dotted line, that would be clear payback for the $3.5 million in donations they have accepted from the mining industry in the past ten years.

"If they do this they will have broken an election promise that no public funds will go to Adani for their deadly mega-coal mine.

"The Greens will establish a Senate inquiry to investigate the NAIF, which looks set to become a $5 billion coal slush fund. 

"Deputy Premier Jackie Trad can no longer try to dupe the voters of South Brisbane, now that NAIF have confirmed Queensland will be the middleman in delivering public funds.

"If a billion dollars wasn’t enough Queensland Labor are also offering a ‘dig now, pay later’ $253 million freebie for a dodgy multi-national mining company. 

"My question to Queensland Labor is this - which schools, hospitals or housing projects will be $253 million poorer because of this freebie and the billion handout to Adani?

"Queenslanders who’ve had the gutful of broken promises and who want sustainable jobs created for regional Queensland and genuine climate action will vote for the party that doesn’t take mining donations – the Greens”

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