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LNP’s sexist election comments and cartoon are unacceptable

Media Release
Larissa Waters 28 Jan 2015

The LNP’s sexism during this election is unacceptable and the Greens are calling it out.

“It’s appalling that George Christensen firstly published this derogatory cartoon and then failed to apologise, instead suggesting it should be laughed off,” Queensland Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens spokesperson for women, said.  

“Sexism and archaic views on gender are not laughing matters – they’re alarming insights into the views held by members of the LNP.

“Campbell Newman’s defence of the LNP’s "don't wake up with regrets" slogan shows complete disrespect for women, especially women in politics.

“On top of the sexism from the LNP, it’s really disappointing that both major parties have failed to focus on domestic violence and the gender pay gap in this election.

“While Australia celebrates the strength and courage of Rosie Batty, the major parties in Queensland have ignored domestic violence during this election campaign.

“Where are the funding commitments for domestic violence services and prevention from the major parties?

“Domestic violence is at crisis levels in our state. The Senate Inquiry I established into domestic violence has shown that Queensland women’s refuges, community legal centres and call centres can’t keep up with the tragically high demand.

“We urgently need a bidding war on funding for domestic violence services in Queensland.

“I’m proud that the Greens are raising the urgent need to eradicate domestic violence at every opportunity and that we have the most female candidates running in this election.

“I congratulate all female candidates running in this election – thank you for endeavouring to increase women’s representation in the Queensland Parliament.

“With your support we can stamp out sexism in politics,” Senator Waters said. 

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