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Labor must rule out $5 billion Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility going to fossil fuel projects

Media Release
Larissa Waters 31 May 2016

The Australian Greens are calling on Labor to rule out funding fossil fuel projects from the $5 billion Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility.

Qld Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Deputy Leader and climate change spokesperson, said:

“While Labor is putting aside a fifth of the fund for tourism, it hasn’t ruled out the other $4 billion of taxpayer money going to fossil fuel projects.

“The Northern Australian Infrastructure Facility has been set up by the Coalition as a $5 billion slush fund for its fossil fuel donors.

“We Greens moved in the Parliament to exclude fossil fuel and nuclear projects from the Facility but Labor voted against us, siding with the big polluters cooking our Great Barrier Reef.  

“Instead of allowing the Facility to become a “Dirty Energy Finance Corporation” slush fund for fossil fuels, we should be investing in clean energy, with a transition plan for workers already losing their jobs in the dying coal industry.

“The old parties are one in the same when it comes to approving new coal mines and ripping $1 billion out of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.

“Both the old parties are in furious agreement on propping up the dying fossil fuel sector with taxpayer-funded subsidies and on accepting political donations from fossil fuel companies.

“We Greens have the courage and vision to embrace the global transition away from fossil fuels, with a transition plan for workers and new jobs in 21stcentury industries like clean-energy, tourism, agriculture, health and education,” Senator Waters said. 

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