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Labor and the Coalition keep on taxing women for existing

Media Release
Larissa Waters 19 Jun 2017

The GST on sanitary products is sexist and opportunistic and it’s shameful that today both Labor and the Coalition refused to abolish it,” says Australian Greens Deputy and spokesperson for women, Larissa Waters.

“The Australian Greens moved an amendment to the Treasury Laws Amendment (GST Low Value Goods) Bill in the Senate to abolish GST on sanitary products.

“Labor and the Coalition voted today to keep taxing women’s biology.

“Periods are not a luxury, and sanitary items are not luxury items - they are necessities"

“The Government’s plan to introduce GST on items bought online for under $1000, will raise an extra $300 million over three years.

“New costings (attached) commissioned by the Greens show that States could axe the tampon tax and still be $185 million better off after the government’s proposed changes to the GST.

“I have written to the WA, NSW, NT and Tasmanian governments asking them to join Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory to support the removal of this tax.

“Revenue loss is no longer a credible excuse for refusing to axe the sexist tampon tax.

“Labor and the Coalition could stop tax breaks to big business and property tycoons instead they chose to penalise women for existing.

“Perhaps if there was a cashed up women’s lobby that made millions in donations with access to politicians the story would be very different”.

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