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Labor’s Reef policy fails on coral bleaching, just as the Coalition’s does

Media Release
Larissa Waters 30 May 2016

Labor's Great Barrier Reef water quality policy announced today fails to deal with the real cause of coral bleaching - the mining and burning of coal - does not provide enough funding, and dodges the tough issues like a cap on water pollution.

Scientists have today reported that coral bleaching has killed more than one third of coral reefs in the central and northern regions of the Great Barrier Reef.  

Qld Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Deputy Leader and climate change spokesperson, said:  

"In the aftermath of fatal coral bleaching, it's clear the old parties' Reef policies are not dealing with the biggest threat facing the Reef - global warming caused by mining and burning of coal and other fossil fuels.

"While increased funding on Reef water quality programs is welcome, the amount committed is too small and is completely undermined by Labor and the Coalition's continued approvals of giant coal mines, fossil fuel subsidies to big polluters and cuts to clean energy funding. 

"Both old parties are championing mega coal mines and gas fracking to export out through the Great Barrier Reef that will worsen water quality through dredging and shipping, and will exacerbate global warming to cook the Reef's corals.  

"Labor's policy fails to even mention a cap on Reef water pollution recommended by the Water Science Taskforce, and promises $75 million a year for water quality, which scientists today have said falls far short of what is required.

"We Greens have the courage and vision to save the Reef from global warming with no new coal or gas, by stopping the Abbot Point coal port expansion, a $1 billion transition fund for workers, and 90 per cent renewable energy by 2030," Senator Waters said.



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