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Labor’s Mark Butler says Adani is a bad idea, why won’t Palaszczuk listen?

Media Release
Larissa Waters 22 Jun 2017

Federal Labor support for Adani’s deadly mega-coal mine is crumbling, so why aren’t Bill Shorten and Queensland Labor listening?, say the Australian Greens.

Opposition Climate Change spokesperson, Mark Butler, says the economic case for the Adani mine doesn’t stack up and that the mine “would not be a positive thing for Australia” but Bill Shorten and Queensland Labor won’t listen says Australian Greens Deputy Leader and Senator for Queensland, Larissa Waters.

“Queensland Labor cannot continue to stick its head in the sand and pretend this mine is good for Queensland.

“Bill Shorten needs to pick a side and stop this mine.

“Coal kills people, destroys livelihoods and drives global warming that is killing the Great Barrier Reef, and if this mine goes ahead, 2.3 billion tonnes of coal will be dug up and burned.

“All to please a mining billionaire and for the false promise of jobs for the regions.

“Queenslanders deserve sustainable jobs in renewable energy and genuine climate action, not a government so bereft of imagination it clings to the false promise of jobs in a dying industry.

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