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It’s World Environment Day Tony Abbott – time to put down your axe

On World Environment Day today the Australian Greens announced they will move for a Senate Inquiry into Abbott’s attacks on the environment.

“Tony Abbott has been relentlessly hacking away at our environment protections and climate action, proving he is prepared to sacrifice our children and grandchildren’s future for the profits of the big mining companies,” Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens environment spokesperson, said.

“To the alarm of the World Heritage Committee, Tony Abbott, who thinks we have ‘too much locked up forest’ is trying to remove protection for old growth forests in Tasmania so they can be logged.

“Tony Abbott has also gone against the wishes of the World Heritage Committee, approving the world’s largest coal port in the Great Barrier Reef, risking its World Heritage status being downgraded to ‘In Danger’.

 “The list of attacks goes on and on … less water for the Murray, allowing Colin Barnett’s cruel shark cull, abolishing federal funding for Environmental Defenders’ Offices, delaying the Cape York World Heritage nomination, and handing vital federal environmental approval powers over to the states. 

“Mr Abbott’s plan to give state governments, or even local governments, the final say on whether to approve damaging projects throws the door wide open to corruption and rolls back environment protection by decades.

“Our Senate Inquiry is an important opportunity for Australians to say, enough is enough – our environment is too precious to lose.

 “We’ll be getting the word out to community and environment groups across the country, calling on them to get involved in our inquiry so that the Senate can send a strong message to Tony Abbott – stop attacking our environment,” Senator Waters said.  

The Greens are also moving a motion in the Lower House today calling on the Abbott Government to stop attacking the environment.

Read our report and infographic about Abbott’s attacks on our environment here:

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