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Horrifying new domestic violence statistics must prompt government action

Media Release
Larissa Waters 22 Oct 2015

Reporting of a study by Australia's National Research Organisation for Women's Safety into domestic violence confirms its appalling extent and the need for funding.

"This comprehensive study provides a horrific insight into the awful extent of domestic violence in our country," Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Deputy Leader and spokesperson for women, said.

"It finds that one in four women have gone through violence inflicted by a partner or former partner, including boyfriends or dates.

"The new findings build on knowledge that one in three women have experienced violence generally.

"It's clear domestic violence is terribly wide-spread and it's also clear our women's services cannot keep up with the tragically high demand.

"Just yesterday, refuges and support services in Queensland joined together to plead for more funding so they don't have to keep turning women away.

"Under Tony Abbott, funding was cut from affordable housing and construction of new homelessness shelters and it still hasn't been reinstated. Community legal centres are facing a funding cliff in 2017.

"We shouldn't need to talk about reversing funding cuts anymore - we need new funding over and above what was cut so that violently abused women do not have to become homeless.   

"The research confirms the gendered nature of domestic violence, showing the urgent need to address attitudes of gender inequality, which we know are still prevalent across younger generations.

"Funding for prevention programs, as well as, not instead of, funding for support services, is vital to ending domestic violence," Senator Waters said.


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