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Greens will disallow Abbott’s attacks on workplace gender reporting

Media Release
Larissa Waters 18 Mar 2014

The Australian Greens will move to disallow any attempt by the Abbott Government to weaken workplace gender reporting and have welcomed the launch of a public coalition in support of gender reporting at Parliament House today.

“The Greens will disallow any attempt by the Abbott Government to conceal and entrench the gender pay gap,” Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens spokesperson for women, said.

“The Abbott Government’s draft changes to gender reporting include weakening requirements for businesses to provide basic data, such as how many women are employed and how much they are paid compared to their male colleagues.

“This comes on top of reported changes to make the requirements only apply to businesses employing more than 1000 people.

“The Abbott Government’s plans to weaken gender reporting and make it apply to fewer businesses are a major setback to efforts to achieve equal pay.

“It’s shameful that women in Australia earn on average 17.5% less than men. 

“According to The Australia Institute, when you factor in caring responsibilities, women earn on average $1.4 million less than men over their lifetime.

“Gender reporting requirements are a basic first step in tackling this gap and unlocking the billions of dollars of economic potential that increased workplace participation by women would deliver.

“The Australian Government’s Workplace Gender Equality reporting requirements are the only data set of this kind and must be protected from Tony Abbott’s cuts.

“The Senate has previously supported a Greens’ motion on the importance of this data and the Greens are committed to disallowing any attempt by the Abbott Government to weaken gender reporting requirements,” Senator Waters said.


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