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Greens support laws to end vile promotion of violence against women

Media Release
Larissa Waters 8 Nov 2016

The Australian Greens support legislation introduced to the Queensland state parliament on Tuesday that will put an end to sexist slogans and imagery inciting violence against women on Wicked campers and others vehicles.  

Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Deputy Leader and spokesperson for women calls on all members of State parliament to pass laws that allow for the vehicle registrations of commercial operators to be cancelled should they refuse to remove offensive material.

“Responding to community concerns about material used by Wicked Campers to advertise their hire vehicles in 2014 I moved a motion in the Australian Senate condemning such flippant promotion of violence against women,” said Senator Waters.

“Following that successful Senate motion and correspondence with my office, despite offering commitments to remove the worst of their degrading slogans, Wicked Campers did nothing of the sort.

“When one in every three Australian women over the age of 15 experience violence and one in five experience sexual violence, there is absolutely no place in our communities for unchecked vilification and sexism.  

“I am very pleased to see the State government take action and I wholeheartedly congratulate the many individuals, community groups and organisation for their efforts to protect our young girls and women from exposure to such vile and offensive misogyny.”

Contact: Lauren Gillin 0419 626 725

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