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Greens ready for campaign in election battleground state of Queensland

In the key election battleground of Queensland, Greens Senator Larissa Waters said she was excited the election campaign had finally been called by the heartless Morrison Government and she would be campaigning hard over the next 37 days to retain her Senate seat to work for a future for all of us.

“Here in Queensland, the Greens will be campaigning for cleaning up politics - ending the corrupting influence of corporate donations, strong action on climate change and supporting coal communities as the economy transitions, job-creating investment in affordable housing and clean energy, free education from childcare to TAFE and uni, and bringing dental and mental health into Medicare,” the co-Deputy Leader of the Greens, Senator Waters said.

“We’ve had a government that’s spent six years cutting services and making life harder for people, while giving big tax cuts to big corporations to give them bigger profits, while the rest of the community and the environment suffers.

“It’s high time we ended the corrupting influence of big corporate donors to political parties, so our democracy can work for people and the planet not corporate profits.

“The Greens have fully costed our policies and we can fund these promises by making big corporations pay their fair share and stopping that tax dodging with one in three mega corporations not paying a cent of tax.

“I cannot wait to see the back of this government and boot them out. But even with a change of government we need Greens in the Senate to hold Labor to account and push them to go further and do more for people and the planet, not their corporate donors.

“Queensland is crucial for both the lower house and the Senate. If instead of Greens there are right-wing conservatives in the balance of power in the Senate, any new government won’t be able to get their agenda through the parliament and there won’t be the policy change Australians are ready for.

“I’ve loved being a voice for Queenslanders since 2010 and with their support I will keep doing that in the Senate, working for a future for all of us.”


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