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Greens propose daylight saving trial and referendum

Media Release
Larissa Waters 28 Jan 2015

The Greens say it is time for Queensland to have another trial of daylight saving and then let the public decide whether to adopt it permanently.

Charles Worringham, Queensland Greens lead spokesperson and candidate for Moggill, said it was now more than twenty years since Queensland last trialled daylight saving.

“It’s time to take daylight saving out of the too hard basket that the major parties have dumped it in,” Dr Worringham said.

“We’re proposing a two year trial of daylight saving, followed by a referendum asking the people of Queensland whether or not they support it being adopted permanently.

“Having a trial will allow the full range of data to be gathered so everyone can see what the facts are about the impacts of having daylight saving or not across all parts of the state.  

“The best way to send a message that it’s time to give daylight saving a go is to Vote 1 Green,” Dr Worringham said.

Australian Greens Senator for Queensland, Larissa Waters, said:

“More daylight after school will mean more time for kids to spend outdoors, improving their health through active play.

“With the expansion of solar across the state, daylight saving would lower power bills.

“Changes in power consumption mean that peak demand in summer has shifted from mid-afternoon to early evening, and this is the time when electricity is most expensive to generate.   

“We now have hundreds of thousands of rooftop solar households and businesses, and bringing peak demand into those hours when solar is still contributing to the grid offers an opportunity to shave the peak and make real savings,” Senator Waters said.

Australian Greens Deputy Leader and federal Member for Melbourne, Adam Bandt, in Brisbane today, said:

“Linking up Queenslanders’ working days to those of their colleagues, clients and partners in southern states will save businesses time in lost productivity and present exciting new opportunities.

“At home in Victoria, so many people enjoy having that extra daylight after work to spend time outside.

“With the recreational, economic and energy incentives, it's worth giving daylight saving a go, rather than just giving up on it like the other parties,” Mr Bandt said.

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