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Greens praise doctors’ push for action on global warming

Media Release
Richard Di Natale 1 Jun 2015

The Greens have praised the Australian Medical Association for getting to work on revamping their climate policy ahead of the UN climate talks in Paris later this year.

"A climate crisis means a health crisis, but the Abbott government is so busy denying global warming that they're failing to plan for it at all," said Greens Leader Dr Richard Di Natale.

"A warmer world means more deaths from extreme weather, heat related events and infectious diseases - which means more pressure on our hospitals and our health budgets.

"It's economically, socially and environmentally irresponsible for the Abbott government to press ahead with the development of coal projects when all the evidence says that coal is a health hazard."

Australian Greens Deputy Leader and climate change spokesperson, Senator Larissa Waters, said it's critical Australia sets ambitious, science-based climate targets before UN talks in Paris.

"Climate action is just what the doctor ordered," said Senator Waters.

"The Abbott government is putting the planet, human health and Australia's international reputation at great risk by continuing to ignore the advice from the Climate Change Authority, scientists and now the medical community.

"Just last week more than 2000 people died in India from a heatwave that shot up to 45 degrees. In Queensland, 80 per cent of the state is already in drought and now scientists are predicting a strong El Nino.

"Scientists, doctors, farmers, firefighters and insurance companies are calling for climate action but the Abbott Government is blocking its ears and listening only to its fossil-fuel donors.

"The Abbott Government's fossil fuel obsession putting our environment and existing industries like agriculture and tourism - particularly Great Barrier Reef tourism - at risk, as well as holding back all the jobs to be had in the clean energy economy," Senator Waters said.

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