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Greens population motion passes Senate

Media Release
Larissa Waters 1 Nov 2011

The Australian Senate has today agreed, without division, to the Greens’ motion for Australia to take a lead role in devising how we globally accommodate an inevitably greater population within our finite planetary boundaries.

Australian Greens population spokesperson Senator Larissa Waters welcomed the unity of the Senate on her joint motion with Senator Bob Brown on the important issue of sustainable global population.

“As the world’s seven billionth human being is born this week, the Greens’ motion acknowledged that the global population has grown exponentially from two billion people in 1927, and may build to nine or ten billion people later this century,” Senator Waters said.

“This is an historic and challenging situation, and we must develop strategies to sustain seven billion plus people on our finite planet.

“As the world’s wealthiest nation in terms of natural resources per capita, as estimated by the United Nations, it is fitting that Australia takes a lead role on this issue.”

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