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Greens pay tribute to Felicity Wishart

Media Release
Larissa Waters 21 Jul 2015

Australian Greens Acting Leader Senator Larissa Waters expressed the Greens’ deep sympathies to the family of Felicity Wishart who passed away on Sunday night, and paid tribute to her legacy as one of Australia’s leading conservationists.

“Our planet has lost a great champion and we mourn for her,” said Senator Waters.

“Felicity Wishart was a leading light in the conservation movement. She was part of every key environmental reform in Queensland in the past 15 years, as coordinator of the Queensland Conservation Council in the 2000s.

“She worked to stop broad scale land clearing, to protect wild rivers, and was a strong and courageous voice for protection of the natural world.

“I was proud to work on the Nathan Dam Federal Court case with Felicity Wishart as the client, a case which is now in environmental law text books setting the parameters for a broad assessment of environmental impacts which looks at downstream impacts facilitated by a development.

“In recent years, Felicity had led the Fight for the Reef campaign for the Australian Marine Conservation Society, bringing concern for the Reef and its fate to the awareness of many. The recent change to ban offshore dumping from capital dredging is a testament to her commitment, passion and tenacity.

“This woman was a force, and always conducted herself with grace, good humour and determination. She was a role model for many young women in the conservation movement, and was a much loved friend to many.

“The Australian Greens will recognise Flic’s contribution with a speech in Parliament that catalogues her many achievements.

“She strengthens our collective resolve to protect this beautiful planet which we all share. Our hearts go out to her partner and two young boys. We will never forget her and will honour her legacy in our environmental work.”

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