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Greens leap on Liberals’ climate denial inquiry

Media Release
Larissa Waters 25 Jun 2015

The Australian Greens have ridiculed conservative Liberal MPs who are pushing for a House of Representatives Inquiry into whether “scientific evidence underpins the man-made global warming theory.”

If they still think the existence of human-caused global warming is up for debate, then maybe we should go right back to whether the earth is round or flat," said Greens Deputy Leader and climate change spokesperson, Senator Larissa Waters.

If the Liberals' internal push succeeds in bringing on a Parliamentary inquiry about whether climate change is real, the Greens will canvas the Abbott government's support for the following Notice of Motion:

Senator Waters: To move-That the Senate:

(a) notes that:

(i) elected Members of Parliament have doubts about established scientific facts; and

(ii) those MPs want to avoid any serious global agreement to cut pollution, in light of their doubts about said scientific facts  

(b) calls on the Parliament to:

(i) Establish an Inquiry into the roundness or otherwise of the Earth; and

(ii) consider the establishment of a Flat Earth Commissioner

"The Government has already established a Wind Farm Commissioner to look into a syndrome that no credible health body or medical journal in the world thinks exists. A Flat Earth Commissioner could play an equally useful role," said Senator Waters

"We'd really appreciate the Prime Minister's help in lining up Maurice Newman to appear before the Inquiry, particularly to discuss whether the 'round Earth theory' is in fact a UN hoax.

"To give the Inquiry the scientific gravitas it deserves, perhaps Martin Ferguson could come out of retirement.

"All jokes aside, climate change is a very serious threat to our way of life.  Droughts, bushfires and natural disasters are already getting worse, and our rural communities will be among the hardest hit," said Senator Waters.  



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