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Greens launch vision for world-class public transport network

Media Release
Larissa Waters 23 Jan 2015

The Greens today launched a plan to revolutionise Queensland’s public transport system, with lower fares and a concession for Newstart recipients.

Australian Greens leader, Senator Christine Milne, in Brisbane for the launch, said:

“Queensland needs a government that will invest in a world-class public transport network.

Queenslanders are paying among the highest public transport fares in the world and this is the only state in the country where Newstart recipients do not receive a concession.

“Forget the Abbott-Newman obsession with motorways – competitive productive healthy 21st Century cities have world-class public transport at their heart.

“The Greens stand for a world-class public transport network that cuts down pollution, reduces congestion, alleviates inequality and revitalises local economies,” Senator Milne said

Queensland Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens environment spokesperson, said:

“Successive Queensland governments have raised public transport fares by 55% since 2010, which has made fares unfair, especially for people living outside the city centre.

“Unaffordable fares have led to a huge decline in public transport usage, right when governments should be making it cheap and easy for people to leave their cars at home to commute.

“The Greens would make public transport affordable by reducing fares back to 2010 levels, and modernising zones to make it fairer and cheaper for those living outside the inner city.

Queensland Greens lead spokesperson, Charles Worringham, said:

“The Newman Government is threatening to increase fares even further by privatising Brisbane’s bus network, which the Greens strongly oppose.

“We’re the party for affordable public transport.

“We want to make sure that jobseekers can get to job interviews and training by introducing a concession for Newstart recipients, as provided in every other state.

“Our public transport plan will help achieve our vision for a fair society, a healthy economy and a clean environment,” Mr Worringham said.

Public transport plan attached.


Senator Milne (Jennifer Faerber) 0438 376 082

Senator Waters (Monique Vandeleur) 0419 626 725  

Queensland Greens (Ken Vernon) 0431 027 017

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