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Greens launch policy to clean up politics

Media Release
Larissa Waters 1 Feb 2019

The Greens are today launching their policy to clean up politics and end the corrupting influence of big money on our democracy, so we can create a future for all of us.

Ahead of the Australian Electoral Commission 17/18 donations data release later this morning, Greens spokesperson for democracy Larissa Waters said:

“In the last six years the Liberals and Labor have taken more than $100 million in political donations from big corporations like mining and gambling companies, the big banks and wealthy property developers. We’ll learn today how much that has increased in the last year.

“The return on investment is donors get one-on-one access to government ministers, and decisions that protect their corporate profits. Then some of those pollies get cushy lobbyist jobs when they retire.

“It’s no wonder that 85% of Australians believe most politicians are corrupt.

“The major parties make decisions that prioritise the profits of their big donors. The rest of us are left with cuts to health, education and social services, rising costs of housing and energy bills, and a growing gap between rich and poor.”


The Greens’ plan would break the stranglehold corporations have on our democracy and restore integrity to politics, by:

  • banning political donations from mining, property development, tobacco, alcohol, gambling, banking, defence and pharmaceutical industries;
  • putting a cap on all other donations of $1000 a year;
  • until those bans and caps are in place, making sure every donation over $1000 is listed publicly and disclosed in close to real-time;
  • banning donations splitting and all donations from foreign entities;
  • stopping all MPs from accepting lobbying jobs for five years after they retire, where a conflict of interest may arise;
  • requiring politicians to tell the public when and why they meet with lobbyists;
  • establishing a strong, independent federal anti-corruption commission to investigate politicians and governments; and
  • protecting the rights of citizens and community groups to speak out, ensuring all of us are represented and able to participate in our democracy.

“Until we get transparency into the system and big money out of politics, we won’t get the decisions that improve people’s everyday lives,” Senator Waters said.

“Unlike the major parties, the Greens refuse to take donations from big corporations and lobbyists who want to influence our decisions. We can’t be bought and we won’t sell out.

“We’ll be campaigning strongly on this policy as the election approaches, and will keep working in parliament before and after the election to deliver reforms.

“People want their democracy back, and they deserve it. Money shouldn’t buy access or outcomes. Our democracy is not for sale.”


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