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Greens launch election policy to save our Great Barrier Reef

Media Release
Larissa Waters 25 Jan 2015

The Greens are today launching their election policy to save the Great Barrier Reef at the Sunshine Coast leg of national Reef rallies.

Greens Queensland Senator Larissa Waters, speaking at the Sunshine Coast rally, said: 
“This election is the Reef election and that’s because pressure from Greens supporters has finally got the big parties talking about the issue.

“But Queenslanders know the Reef needs more than election slogans, it needs real action, like the Greens are announcing today.

“Queenslanders know the big parties’ pro-coal policies are still putting this World Heritage Area in danger.

“The Greens are the only party that would stop the Abbot Point coal port expansion, which is set to turn our Reef into a highway for coal ships.

“Climate change is the biggest threat facing our Reef.

“The other parties want to export millions of tonnes of coal through our Reef, which will come back to bite it through ocean acidification and coral bleaching.

“The Greens are the only party that would ban all dredge spoil dumping in the Reef.

“The other parties’ promises on Reef dumping don’t hold water.

“Both parties are ignoring the impact of dumping sludge from maintenance dredging and Campbell Newman is only applying his so-called commitment to part of this World Heritage Area.

“The Greens are the party to trust on the Reef and the 69 000 jobs it provides,” Senator Waters said.

Queensland Greens lead spokesperson, Charles Worringham, speaking at the Sandgate rally, said:

“The Greens always have, and always will be, a consistent voice for protecting the Great Barrier Reef in the Parliament and in the community.

“As well as stopping the Abbot Point coal port and putting a ban on all dumping, our plan commits $500 million over 5 years to reduce pollution running into the Reef.

“With the community’s support, we’ve been able to put the Reef firmly on the election agenda.

“The best way to push that momentum into meaningful action is to Vote 1 Green and put the LNP last,” Mr Worringham said.  


Senator Waters (Monique Vandeleur) 0419 626 725  

Queensland Greens (Ken Vernon) 0431 027 017



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