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Greens echo OECD call to end free ride for coal

Media Release
Larissa Waters 6 Jul 2015

The Australian Greens say coal exports should face a $2 per tonne levy and massive fossil fuel subsidies should end, in light of the OECD calling for higher taxes and import tariffs on coal producers.

"Coal is treated to a free ride charged to the Australian taxpayer. It's got to stop," said Greens Deputy Leader and climate spokesperson Senator Larissa Waters.

"Instead of wasting taxpayer money to prop up the dying coal industry, we should be investing in our clean energy industry to safeguard the climate and provide jobs that will last.  

"Tony Abbott is foregoing $3.3 billion in revenue a year by exempting the mining companies from paying fuel taxes that everyday Australians have to pay.

"The Abbott Government has done exactly the opposite of what the OECD is calling for, by abolishing the mining tax and the price on pollution, which was working to cut emissions.

"Since the Liberals got rid of the price on pollution, Australia's electricity emissions have increased by 4.3 per cent.

"The Greens have a policy for a $2 per tonne levy on coal exports, which the latest costing from the Parliamentary Budget Office says would raise $1.7 billion over the forward estimates," Senator Waters said. 


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