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Greens condemn PM’s refugee cruelty at Brisbane rally

Media Release
Larissa Waters 21 Jul 2013

The Australian Greens condemned Kevin Rudd’s radical lurch to the right on refugees at the Refugee Action Collective rally in Brisbane today.

“Kevin Rudd's radical right-wing response to refugees is shameful. Australia will now be a wealthy country paying off Papua New Guinea, one of the world’s most impoverished countries, to resettle desperate refugees. No wonder Tony Abbott has welcomed Mr Rudd's plan,” Queensland Greens Senator Larissa Waters said.

“Australians will not stand by and accept this cruelty. I’m heartened by the outpouring of passionate, caring people protesting here in Brisbane today and to know that we’re joined by others doing the same right across the country.

“We need the Greens in the Senate to stand up against the old parties’ race to the bottom on cruelty to refugees.  

“The Greens have a plan that is legal and respects refugees' rights and dignity. By increasing Australia’s humanitarian intake, persecuted people can see ways to safely get out of camps and start a new life, rather than feeling they have no other option than to come to Australia by boat.

“Many people are horrified by Labor’s decision to dump some of the world’s most vulnerable people on one on the world’s most impoverished countries, which struggles to uphold the UN Refugee Convention.

“Only the Greens are standing up for what is right by joining the community in showing care and compassion for those less fortunate,” Senator Waters said


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