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Greens applaud win against fracking giant Santos and warn against fracking spree

Media Release
Larissa Waters 13 Jan 2017

Greens applaud win against fracking giant Santos and warn against fracking spree

The Australian Greens applaud the work of community group Western Downs Alliance in stopping Santos dumping coal seam gas wastewater in Surat Basin rivers and streams and have warned against the federal and state government’s plan to expand fracking.

“Western Downs Alliance took on the Goliath of Santos and the Australian Government, and won,” said Australian Greens Deputy Leader and spokesperson for mining and resources Larissa Waters.

“Our rivers and the Great Artesian Basin shouldn’t be used as Santos’ toilet, just flushing away polluted water and ignoring the consequences.

“The fact that former Environment Minister Hunt ticked off on a massive coal seam gas project without even considering the impacts of wastewater disposal on streams shows just how in bed with Big Gas the old parties both are.

“The donations flow in, and the approvals flow out – whether it’s Labor or Liberal, state or federal.

“The Greens stand proudly with the community in saying that our food security and climate is too precious to risk to this dangerous new fossil fuel.

“We know that fracking for unconventional gas, including CSG, threatens our land, groundwater, communities and the climate – and also the threat that saline ‘produced’ water poses to our rivers and the Great Artesian Basin.

“In face of these dangers, it defies logic for the Turnbull and Palaszczuk government to be pushing for even more fracking across Queensland and Australia.

“Neither Liberal nor Labor at any level of government has knocked back a CSG or unconventional gas project in Queensland, because of the generous donations the mining and gas industry make to both their political parties.

“The federal Liberal government tried to take away community appeal rights when Ministers ignore our national environment law, in an effort to silence groups like the Western Downs Alliance, and Queensland Labor’s 2016 discussion paper promotes a massive expansion of the gas fracking industry.

“The Greens stand with community groups protecting our environmental heritage and will fight against all governments who want to roll out more fracking across Queensland and Australia and silence community voices.”


Greens support was essential in adding the water trigger to federal laws, under which this Court challenge was taken. Senator Waters’ private members bill to add a water trigger, along with Tony Windsor’s work in the lower house, was the precursor to the Government legislation to insert the water trigger.

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