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Government’s gas push defies science and ignores community

Media Release
Larissa Waters 18 Sep 2013

The Australian Greens today warned the Abbott Government against ignoring science and the community, by expanding coal seam gas at all costs, instead of embracing renewable energy.

"It's reckless and short sighted for Mr Macfarlane to demand that ‘every molecule of gas that can come out of the ground does so' when the National Water Commission has warned CSG risks our water supplies, which underpin our agricultural industry," Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens mining spokesperson, said.

"Australian scientists are still independently assessing the full impact of CSG on our climate, but we do know that CSG wells and pipes leak methane like a sieve - a greenhouse gas 25 times more damaging to the climate than carbon dioxide.

"It's shameful that we now don't even have a science minister to drive research into the impacts of CSG and yet the Abbott Government is forcing this high-risk industry ahead despite scientific concern and community alarm.

"Ordinary Australians will continue to stand together to protect their land and water from dangerous CSG, despite not having the legal right to say no to the big gas companies. Ignoring the people in favour of the big mining companies will cost the new government.

"The old parties need to wake up and realise that we're at the end of the fossil fuel era, and are living in an age of food insecurity and extreme weather events caused by climate change.

"By embracing renewable alternatives, Australia can still be an ‘energy superpower', as Mr Macfarlane envisions, only without sacrificing our land, water and the world's climate, on which the livelihoods of future generations will depend," Senator Waters said.



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