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The environment part of the budget is missing

Media Release
Larissa Waters 10 May 2017

The Liberals are screwing over the next generation by leaving clean energy and the environment out of the budget, says Senator Larissa Waters, deputy leader of the Australian Greens and environment spokesperson.

“The Liberals are handing out $80 million for gas including $60 million for more fracking.”

“Eighty-eight per cent of ‘environment’ spending is for more gas and fracking, and there is almost nothing in the Budget for clean energy.

“And after two successive years of massive coral bleaching, there is no new money for the Great Barrier Reef and in fact a cut in real terms to ranger funding.

“This is a government that only pays lip service to saving the Reef, in reality, they're happy to sign its death warrant by backing Adani.

“They’re boosting fossil fuel subsidies by 1.2 billion over four years, to $7.3 billion per year in 2021.

“The 20 per cent increase in fossil fuel subsidies is no surprise, this government’s priority is paying back millions in fossil fuel donations not protecting our environmental heritage or investing in job-rich clean energy.

“The movement against fracking is winning around the country because it wrecks our land, climate, and water.

“But the Liberals will only listen to their mates in the gas and fossil fuel industries not act to safeguard our environment and climate for the next generation”.

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