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Don’t let the LNP turn our Sunshine State into the casino and coal state

Media Release
Richard Di Natale 29 Jan 2015

Instead of Campbell Newman’s destructive coal and casino obsession, the Greens have a positive vision for Queensland’s economy.

“Queensland already has more casinos than any other state, but Campbell Newman is allowing another three, bringing the total to seven,” Australian Greens Senator for Queensland, Larissa Waters, said.

“Casinos and coal mines are not an economic strategy - they are a recipe for more problem gambling and climate change. 

“The Greens have a positive vision for a fair society, a healthy economy and a clean environment.

“To create the jobs of the future, we Greens want investment in renewable energy, scientific research, sustainable agriculture, eco-tourism and world-class public transport. 

“Unemployment has risen under Campbell Newman, and he is threatening Queensland’s 6545 solar installation jobs and the 69,000 jobs that rely on a healthy Great Barrier Reef.

Australian Greens Senator for Victoria and spokesperson on gambling, Richard Di Natale, said:

“The claimed economic benefits from casinos almost always come at the expense of other local industries, as money is drained out of the community, especially through poker machines.

“Queenslanders already lose $1.9 billion each year on the 42,000 poker machines in the state, with 40% estimated by the Productivity Commission to come from problem gamblers.

“Problem gambling takes a terrible toll on ordinary families, and the most vulnerable members of our community are hit the hardest.

"People lose their homes, their savings and their social networks because of gambling addiction,” Senator Di Natale said. 

Kirsten Lovejoy, Queensland Greens candidate for Brisbane Central, where one of Campbell Newman’s new casinos are proposed, said:

“The Greens welcome the revitalisation of the Brisbane riverfront, but we don’t need another casino right next to the existing one and we especially don’t need more poker machines in our community.

“The Packer family, who are applying for the Brisbane casino licence, were the single largest donor to the Federal Liberal Party in 2012-13, with Roslyn Packer giving $580,000.

“Once again, the LNP has the interests of big business, not local families at heart. 

“Instead of another casino and more poker machines, we should expand our entertainment precinct in a way that embeds world-class cultural celebration and public green space," Ms Lovejoy said. 




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