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Domestic Violence Prevention and the Budget

Media Release
Larissa Waters 14 May 2014

“Tony Abbott’s budget does nothing to address gender financial inequality, hits low income women hard and appears to slash $60 million from women’s programs.

“Shockingly, the budget, delivered within Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month, takes a step backward on preventing domestic violence.

“Funding for initiatives which include the National Plan to Prevent Domestic Violence is being cut by $7.4 million over forward estimates.

“Domestic violence is a national crisis and needs to be dealt with urgently with properly resourced action, not funding cuts.

“The budget also makes it harder for domestic violence victims to see a doctor, with the GP co-payment, and to escape violent homes, with cuts to the single parent payment and the National Rental Affordability Scheme,” Senator Waters said.

Senator Waters spoke about domestic violence in the Senate last night, reading out harrowing stories provided by victims. Watch here:

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