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CSIRO to face questions in Estimates on new report about potentially corrupting fracking industry influence

The Australian Greens will question the CSIRO in Senate Estimates today over revelations in the report released today revealing potential conflicts of interest relating to crucial climate, environmental and social research within the CSIRO’s industry-funded Gas Industry Social and Environmental Research Alliance (GISERA). 

Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Deputy Leader and resources spokesperson said:

“I will be asking the CSIRO and the government to explain how they intend to fix this mess in at Senate estimates today.

“Gas industry influence over research on the environmental and social impacts of fracking and unconventional gas is inappropriate and potentially corrupting. 

“Australians want a well-funded CSIRO that asks the hard questions, but the current structure of GISERA gives me no confidence in their independence, and risks trashing CSIRO’s reputation. 

“The government can’t claim that a committee stacked with 50% fracking industry reps is ‘independent’. 

“Unconventional gas has no social licence because it threatens land, water, communities and the climate – which is why the Greens have a bill to ban fracking and oppose all new coal seam, shale and tight gas”

Senator Waters will question the CSIRO in the Senate Economics Committee from approximately 1.15pm on Thursday 20 October

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