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Community and tourists don’t want a mega-casino on the Gold Coast

Media Release
Larissa Waters 7 Jul 2017

News that Caesars Entertainment who own more than 50 casinos across the world including Caesars Palace in Las Vegas has held talks with the backers of the proposed Spit mega-casino spit provoked a bewildering response from our Premier say the Australian Greens. 

"Annastacia Palaszczuk says she doesn’t want the Gold Coast to become a “casino city”," says Deputy Leader and spokesperson for gambling, Larissa Waters. 

"So why is her government proposing to destroy publicly owned green space for yet another casino?

"70 percent of Gold Coast residents don’t want the mega-casino proposed for the Spit.

"But the State Labor government isn’t listening, no surprise seeing as they’ve happily taken tens of thousands of dollars from the Chinese consortium behind the Spit mega-casino and their business partners.

"The community doesn't want this mega-casino, and tourists won’t come to visit it.

"Research from Tourism Australia shows they come to places like the Gold Coast for beaches and unspoiled natural wilderness, not to lose money hand over fist and to line the pockets of billion-dollar casino consortiums.

"The Greens stand with local groups calling for a community-led development plan for the Gold Coast that isn’t influenced or tainted by property developer donations".

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