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Community and Greens stand together against uncovered coal trains in Griffith

The Australian Greens today stood with Griffith locals against uncovered coal trains passing through the electorate.

Greens candidate for Griffith, Geoff Ebbs, said: "The Cleveland line runs right through Griffith and with multiple coal trains passing through every day with uncovered wagons, this is a major issue for locals.

"According to the CSIRO, more Australians die from particle pollution, like coal dust, than from car crashes each year.

"For too long, the big mining companies have been getting away with polluting the air Griffith residents breathe, instead of paying to cover their coal wagons.

"The United States has had a Clean Air Act since 1970, which has driven reductions in pollution and is protecting people's health," Mr Ebbs said.

Queensland Greens Senator Larissa Waters said: "Only the Greens are taking action to protect Griffith residents from coal dust pollution by moving to create a Clean Air Act.

"The Greens' Clean Air Act would establish standards for air quality, starting with better regulation of particulates from coal mines and coal-fired power stations.

"Importantly for Griffith residents, the Greens' Clean Air Act would legally require coal trains passing through residential areas to be covered.

"Unlike the old parties, the Greens are prepared to stand up to the big mining companies to protect Queenslanders' health," Senator Waters said.

Michael Kane, spokesperson for Clean Air Queensland, an alliance of community groups and individuals concerned about the health impacts of coal dust, said: "With the massive expansion of coal mining across South East Queensland, coal train traffic through Brisbane and Ipswich is expected to double.  

"This will spread even more coal dust through our suburbs, schools and homes, which is incredibly concerning, as breathing in coal dust has serious health implications, including respiratory diseases and premature death.

"Voters in Griffith have a right to demand action from those contesting to represent them in Canberra on this serious local problem," Mr Kane said.

For media inquiries for Mr Ebbs - Kate Dennehy 0422 294 771


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