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Comments on animal cruelty in Queensland greyhound industry

Media Release
Larissa Waters 17 Feb 2015

Commenting on the Four Corners ‘Making a Killing’ program, which exposed extreme animal abuse in the Queensland greyhound industry, Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Senator for Queensland, said:

“This extreme animal cruelty is appalling and must be eradicated.  

"The work of Animals Australia and Animal Liberation Queensland in exposing this appalling cruelty is vital.

“Their investigations found 42 trainers and staff participating in illegal live baiting of piglets, possums and rabbits, and numerous others watching on at a Queensland greyhound racing track.

“In one instance in Queensland a mother possum had her baby pulled off her back and then she was tied to a lure for nearly an hour while the dogs ripped her body apart.

“This is horrendous cruelty and further evidence of why Australia needs an Independent Office of Animal Welfare. The Greens’ bill to establish such an Office should be supported by all parties.

"The Greens support the call for the immediate suspension of all state and federal government funding and incentive schemes to the greyhound industry, such the $12 million Logan Greyhound racing track, funded under the former Queensland LNP government’s $110 million Racing Industry Capital Development Scheme.

“The Greens call on the new Queensland Racing Minister to review government support for this cruel industry,” Senator Waters said. 

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