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Comment on release of Government's second Open Government National Action Plan

Media Release
Larissa Waters 21 Sep 2018

Commenting on the release of the Government’s second Open Government National Action Plan, and on Labor’s comments about lobbying today, Australian Greens spokesperson on Democracy Senator Larissa Waters said: 

“The Government’s plan to think about having a plan will do nothing about the stranglehold big business has over our democracy.

“Australians feel like their needs and views don't matter, while they see big donors and lobbyists getting outcomes that suit the big end of town.

“Australians want their democracy back, and the Greens are listening and have a plan to clean up politics.

“The Greens want a national anti-corruption body, an end to the revolving door between industry and parliament, and an end to corporate donations to political parties by big business who seek to further their own bottom line.

“The Greens welcome Labor’s recent support for a national anti-corruption body which we have proposed since 2010, but it must have real teeth and must include strengthening the Ministerial and Lobbyists codes of conduct - which Labor voted against this week.”

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