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Coal is good for Liberal Party donations, not humanity – Greens welcome Oxfam report

Media Release
Larissa Waters 29 Jul 2015

Oxfam’s report Powering Up Against Poverty, released today, shows why renewable energy will save and improve lives in developing countries while coal will further destroy them.

“Coal is good for the Liberal Party’s donations, not humanity,” Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Acting Leader, said

“Tony Abbott’s destructive spin about coal and poverty benefits only his mining company donors, who use the same self-serving rhetoric.

“The Prime Minister is copying the communications strategy developed by infamous tobacco industry PR firm, Burson-Martseller, to promote coal profits at the expense of people.                  

“People in developing countries, especially those not connected to an electricity grid, need localised renewable solutions, which are cheaper and healthier than coal.

 “Tony Abbott’s coal obsession, ignores the reality that four out of five people without electricity live in rural areas far from the electricity grid.

 “With statements like ‘coal is good for humanity’, the Prime Minister clearly has no concern for increasing deadly extreme weather events, crop failures and the hundreds of thousands of premature deaths from air pollution.

“Our Pacific neighbours especially are at the coalface of global warming, with sea-level rise threatening entire nations such as Kiribati, which has secured land in Fiji to move their population as the seas rise.

 “Tony Abbott needs to pull his hand out of the mining companies’ pockets and stop condemning developing countries to extreme weather, sea-level rise and air pollution,” Senator Waters said.



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