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Climate wrecker title looms for Turnbull as draft Paris agreement released

Media Release
Larissa Waters 6 Oct 2015

With the release of the draft agreement for the Paris climate talks today, Malcolm Turnbull needs to boost our climate pollution reduction targets or else go down in history as a climate wrecker.

Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Deputy Leader and climate spokesperson, said:  

"Malcolm Turnbull needs to go to Paris with targets based on science not Tony Abbott's targets based on climate denialism.  

"Malcolm Turnbull says he won't change Tony Abbott's targets and he has signed a deal with the Nationals to keep Australia's targets stuck in the past.

"He needs to go back to the Nationals and explain why it's imperative we act on global warming, especially for farming communities.  

"If Malcolm Turnbull brings Tony Abbott's targets to Paris, we face global condemnation, especially from our Pacific neighbours, and our failure could wreck an ambitious global deal.

"We should be leading, not lagging with targets that are deeply embarrassing and give other nations an excuse to sit on their hands.

"The draft agreement leaves open the prospect of a global commitment on keeping global warming within 1.5 to 2 degrees, rather than 2 degrees.

"Yet, according to the Climate Change Authority, even if the current Turnbull/Abbott targets were doubled, they would only give us a 66 per cent chance of keeping global warming within 2 degrees.

"The science tells us that to save our Pacific neighbours' homes and the Great Barrier Reef, we need to keep global warming under 1.5 degrees.

"Prime Minister Turnbull must bring our targets in line with the science before Paris or he will go down in history as a climate wrecker," Senator Waters said. 


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