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Cabinet Ministers undermining Paris agreement being signed tonight by questioning climate science

Media Release
Larissa Waters 22 Apr 2016

With Cabinet Ministers questioning climate science, the world will have little confidence in Greg Hunt's signature on the Paris climate agreement when he signs it in New York tonight.

"We have climate deniers running the country at a time when the world's chances of surviving global warming are at a tipping point," Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Deputy Leader and climate change spokesperson, said.

"Greg Hunt is in New York to sign the Paris climate agreement to keep warming within at least two degrees while at home his colleagues are questioning whether we need to do bother at all.

"This is what millions of dollars in political donations buys for fossil fuel companies - complete denial of scientific reality.

"We've just had the hottest March on record globally, following the hottest year on record, and our Great Barrier Reef is 93 per cent bleached but Ministers Nash and Brandis think it's just an uncanny coincidence.

"We Greens will use any balance of power opportunity in the next Parliament to dramatically change the backward direction of this current government of climate sceptics," Senator Waters said.  

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