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Axe pollie pensions when Ciobo and Pyne go

Media Release
Larissa Waters 1 Mar 2019

With at least half of the 20 retiring federal politicians set to receive a parliamentary pension, it’s time the pollies’ pension was axed entirely, say the Greens.

“While politicians elected after 2004 don’t receive a parliamentary pension, those elected before then – such as Ministers Pyne and Ciobo, rumoured today to be leaving politics – would get hundreds of thousands of dollars each year as a pension, for doing nothing,” Greens spokesperson for democracy Senator Larissa Waters said. 

“These blokes will probably end up like their mate Joe Hockey - with a diplomatic posting and a cushy pension – all funded by the taxpayer. 

“Politicians have their snouts in the trough, while ordinary people struggle with the cost of living, wages have flatlined and Newstart hasn’t increased for 24 years. 

“It’s no wonder people think so little of politicians, when the rules are rigged in their favour. If they’re not doing the job anymore they shouldn’t be paid."

Greens will request the Parliamentary Budget Office to cost the public money saved from such a move, and would move to apply those savings to people who actually need it, as part of our pledge to increase Newstart by at least $75 a week. 

“In Budget week I’ll move for parliamentary pensions for MPs elected before 2004 to be scrapped, and will keep pushing on this issue if the Greens have the balance of power in the Senate after the next election,” Senator Waters said. 

“Let’s give help to the people who need it. Not to those who’ve received generous salary and allowances while in the job and still want to collect after they leave the job.”

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