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Adani throws massive tantrum, demands free coal

Media Release
Larissa Waters 22 May 2017

Responding to Adani’s reported delay of their investment decision, the Australian Greens say this proves Adani are international bullies.

“Adani has thrown a tantrum to bully the Queensland Labor government into handing over $320 million of free coal, says Deputy Leader of the Australian Greens and Queensland Senator Larissa Waters.

“So far, Adani is in line for a $1 billion handout, unlimited free water, new legal loopholes, special changes to Native Title, a free pass on Reef destruction.

“Now they are throwing their weight around trying to squeeze $320 million of free coal from the State Labor government.

“Malcolm Turnbull and Queensland Labor need to stand up to these bullies, veto the $1 billion handout, say no to giving them freebies at the taxpayers’ expense and abandon their support for this mega- mine".

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