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Adani pulls strings in the Labor and Liberal parties

Media Release
Larissa Waters 22 May 2017

In the wake of reported weakening of Adani’s environmental approval at Abbot Point coal port, the Australian Greens say that Queensland Labor and the Liberals don’t work for us, they work for Adani.

“The gifts for this billionaire company from Labor and the Liberals keep stacking up".

"With Adani, they have conspired to screw over taxpayers, trample the land rights of Indigenous Australians, trash the Great Barrier Reef and now endanger vulnerable species," says Australian Greens Deputy Leader and Queensland Senator Larissa Waters.

"The Turnbull government has quietly scrapped eight environmental conditions that protect the vulnerable species impacted by Adani’s proposed Abbot Point coal terminal expansion like turtles and dugongs.

“Cutting out huge chunks out of Adani’s conditions makes a mockery of Liberal and Labor claims that this project is governed by “strict” conditions.

“Removing all legally binding safeguards on where this small amount of funding is spent is exactly the opposite of “strict”.

“This change is about saving money for a multinational mining company and relaxing legal protections for threatened species like turtles and dugongs.

“Which tranche of conditions will Adani ask to be relieved of next? Why do they get a free ride?”

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