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About Larissa Waters

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Larissa Waters 1 Jan 2012

Larissa Waters is Queensland's first Greens Senator and co-deputy leader of the Australian Greens.

Larissa is passionate about action on global warming, investment in job-rich clean energy, protecting our environment and achieving gender equality. The first Australian Greens Senator for Queensland, Larissa took office in July 2011 and is the Greens spokesperson on climate change, women, environment and mining.

Larissa worked as an environmental lawyer in the community sector for 8 years advising communities how to use the law to protect the environment and was named 2010 Australian Young Environmental Lawyer of the Year by the Law Council of Australia.

In the Senate, Larissa has established a Senate Inquiry on the Great Barrier Reef, which led to new laws prohibiting the dumping of dredge spoil in the Reef. She has also established a Senate Inquiry on domestic violence, which led to some of the Liberal Government's funding cuts to domestic violence services being reversed.

As the Greens global warming spokesperson, Larissa has announced a transition plan which looks after workers, who are currently losing their jobs in dying coal industry, with training and jobs in mine site rehabilitation and in the clean energy industry.

Larissa's vision for the Queensland economy puts our farmland and the Great Barrier Reef ahead of coal seam gas and coal mining by embracing job-rich clean energy.

Larissa lives in Brisbane with her daughter. In her spare time she enjoys cooking and bushwalking.


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