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Abbott Government should adopt recommendations of tri-partisan domestic violence Senate Inquiry

Media Release
Larissa Waters 20 Aug 2015

The Australian Greens welcome the tri-partisan support for the domestic violence Senate Inquiry recommendations, released this afternoon, however the recommendations do not go far enough to end this national emergency.

Australian Greens spokesperson for women, Senator Larissa Waters, who established the inquiry, said:

 "Now is a critical moment, when national attention has focused on domestic violence like never before. This moment is an opportunity for action which must be seized.

"At a minimum, the Abbott Government must adopt all of the report's recommendations to which its own senators have signed on.  

"The recommendations include domestic violence leave, school education, training for judicial officers and court report writers, and affordable housing.

"While we support all of the recommendations, they are excessively cautious and do not match the scale of the current crisis.

"Significant compromise was necessary to find recommendations on which all Senators on the Committee could agree.

"The powerful evidence gathered through this inquiry clearly showed what the solutions to this national emergency are and how desperately they are needed.

"Crucially, we need the Abbott Government to reverse its cuts to homelessness funding and to provide more funding for both these services and long-term affordable housing, with domestic violence the main cause of homelessness in Australia.

"As we heard through this inquiry, the solutions are very clear to frontline workers struggling with funding cuts and having to turn women away - what we lack is leadership from our governments," Senator Waters said.

Report and Australian Greens' additional comments:


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