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Abbott Government busted with hot air on wind

Media Release
Larissa Waters 18 Jun 2015

The Abbott Government denied its deal with the anti-wind crossbenchers to undermine renewable energy in Senate Question Time today, even though proof of the deal had been published by media.

"The government simply answered ‘no' when I asked whether it could confirm it had stitched up a deal with the crossbench to restrict wind farms," Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Deputy Leader and climate spokesperson, said.

"But a draft letter on Minister Hunt's letterhead had been published in the media about 15 minutes before proving there was in fact a deal being made.

"The Abbott Government has double deals to try to kill the clean energy industry, including its deal with Labor to slash the Renewable Energy Target in the first place.

"The Liberal-Labor deal to gut the RET was bad enough and now we've got deals with the crossbench to burn native forests and to attack wind power.

"So much for certainty for the industry. The Abbott Government is doing whatever it can to destroy the clean energy industry, and trying to cover up its dirty deals.

"The letter promises to restrict the job-rich wind industry in exchange for the crossbenchers voting to allow native forests to be burnt and considered clean, renewable energy.

"Having native forest burning in the RET throws a lifeline to the destructive native forest logging industry and delays the transition to plantation-based wood products and sustainable employment.

"Perpetuating myths about the impacts of windfarms is pseudo-science and is actually harmful.

"No credible medical body has found any evidence of health impacts. The evidence actually shows that false claims can make people feel sick.

"Much like a placebo can lead to genuine health benefits, claiming that something is harmful can lead to real harms.

"The Abbott Government is using deceit and misinformation in its agenda to destroy the clean energy industry in favour of its big mining donors, right when we need clean energy the most to avoid catastrophic climate change," Senator Waters said.

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