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Abbott Government’s latest attack on environment protection is about putting coal ahead of renewables

Media Release
Larissa Waters 7 Aug 2015

The Australian Greens condemn the Prime Minister's criticism of the Federal Court's decision to uphold federal environment law and overturn the approval of Adani's Carmichael coal mine.

"The Prime Minister's willingness to sideline environmental protection in favour of Adani comes down to his obsession with coal and hatred of renewables," Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Deputy Leader and climate change spokesperson, said.

"Tony Abbott's spin about providing electricity in India ignores deaths from air pollution and that many people without power there are not connected a grid and so need localised renewable solutions.  

"The Prime Minister is quoting overblown jobs figures provided by Adani, which Adani itself admitted in court were grossly exaggerated.

"The Federal Court's decision to properly uphold environment law provides Queensland with an important opportunity to speed up our transition to a clean energy economy.

"The Abbott Government has tried in the Parliament before to remove the community's right to take the government to court if it had ignored expert advice on threatened species impacts when approving major developments.

"The Greens have been able to stop the government from removing this protection in the past but now it looks as though both of the big parties will gang up to gut our federal environment law.

"Conservation advice on threatened species is key to science-based decision making.

"But science is the last thing on Tony Abbott's mind as he steams ahead with his coal-at-all-costs agenda by strangling renewables and ignoring environment protection," Senator Waters said. 

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