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Abbott Government’s budget fails to provide a positive vision for Queensland

Media Release
Larissa Waters 13 May 2015

The Abbott Government's budget is visionless and won't build a more caring society for Queensland or protect our state's environment and climate.

"Although there are some positive childcare elements to the budget, the devil is in the detail for families," Queensland Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Deputy Leader, said.

"It's cruel to pay for childcare changes by cutting payments to poorer single income families and cutting paid parental leave.

"The budget is a missed opportunity to address Queensland's domestic violence crisis, with the government failing to reverse all of its cuts to domestic violence services from last year.

"Queenslanders deserve world-class public transport, but the Abbott Government's budget fails to fund the cross river rail project in Brisbane and stage 2 of the Gold Coast light rail or even consider regional public transport.

"With many young people struggling to find work in Queensland, the Abbott Government still wants them to do without income support for a month.

"As well as being cruel, this is counter-productive since living in poverty makes it harder for people to find work.

"The previously announced $100 million for Great Barrier Reef water quality is welcome but it's a far cry from the Natural Resource Management groups' recommendation of $785 million for Reef water quality.

"That inadequate water quality funding is completely undermined by the government's obsession with sending coal ships through the Reef, to exacerbate climate change - the biggest threat the Reef faces.

"While the drought relief for Queensland farmers is welcome, with the declaration of an El Nino, it's even more frustrating that the budget ignores climate change and continues to shovel generous subsidies to fossil fuel companies," Senator Waters said.

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