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Abbott Government’s budget continues its agenda of environmental attacks

Media Release
Larissa Waters 13 May 2015

This budget ignores climate change and almost completely ignores the environment, bar some minor and inadequate funding for the Great Barrier Reef announced weeks ago and cut from other environment programs.

"The budget does nothing to tackle global warming, biodiversity loss and habitat destruction or to protect our forests, oceans and World Heritage.

"Despite the challenges our environment faces, the Liberal Abbott Government's budget fails restore the 26 per cent of the Department of Environment's workforce that was cut in the last budget.

"While the previously announced $100 million for Great Barrier Reef water quality is welcome, it's a far cry from the Natural Resource Management groups' recommendation of $785 million for Reef water quality.

"The $100 million in Reef water quality funding is not new money for the environment. Instead, it has been cut from the Green Army and National Landcare Program.

"That inadequate Reef water quality funding is completely undermined by the government's obsession with sending coal ships through the Reef, to exacerbate climate change - the biggest threat the Reef faces.

"It's clear the Liberal Abbott Government is intent to keep its head buried in the sand on climate change and to continue its agenda of environment attacks," Senator Waters said.


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