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$34m for Callide coal will cost Queenslanders in more ways than one

Greens Senator for Queensland Larissa Waters says it's outrageous that the Queensland Labor government has taken the step of pouring $34 million into the Callide Power Station at Biloela, in the new State Budget.

"Callide is a relic of the coal age that should be shut down, not propped up with taxpayer's dollars," said Senator Waters.

"It is the most polluting power station in the state and one of the worst in the country. For every megawatt of power produced, it emits 1.1 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

"Queensland has too much power in the system and an urgent need to switch to renewable energy, to protect the climate that our agriculture, tourism, health and environment relies on.

"We are the sunshine state, not the coal state. What a ridiculous and expensive backward step by Labor.

"All up, the State Budget is wasting $273 million on coal power while all the economic and job opportunities are in solar, which is getting just $3 million for paper-studies.

"It is a slap in the face to every Queenslander that their tax money is being used to prop up this old polluting industry that will cost us now, and for generations to come," said Senator Waters.

Expenditure on coal is detailed in Budget Paper 3:

Entity Detail Amount ($m) reference
CS energy Callide power station projects 33.9 BP3, p40
CS energy Kogan Ck power station projects 48.7 BP3, p40
CS energy Kogan Ck mine 6.4 BP3, p40
Stanwell Tarong Power projects 76.4 BP3, p41
Stanwell Meandu Mine (for Tarong) 56.0 BP3, p41
Stanwell Stanwell Power Station 51.8 BP3, p41
Total 273.2


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