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Senator Waters: Climate Change - Matter of Public Importance Speech

18 Nov 2014

I rise to speak on this matter of public importance about our Prime Minister's continued denial of the reality of climate change and his continued mealy-mouthed approach to meeting our global responsibilities to assist countries that will suffer from our profligate use of fossil fuels. I am from Queensland, where it has been obvious to all both observing and protesting against the Prime Minister's refusal to put climate change on the G20 agenda that he was totally out of step with the world and out of step with community expectations. Of course, when China and the US reached agreement on emissions targets the Prime Minister was totally gazumped and shown for the laggard and the spoiler that he is.


Larissa speaks on the tabling of the Senate Inquiry report into the Great Barrier Reef

03 Sep 2014

The Senate Inquiry into the Great Barrier Reef, established by the Greens, has tabled its report, recommending a temporary moratorium on offshore dumping in the Reef while a cap or ban on dumping is considered.


Senator Waters calls on the Senate to block the EPBC amendment bill

01 Sep 2014

I rise to speak with the most vehemence possible in opposition to this ridiculous bill. Surprise surprise, Tony Abbott wants to trash the environment.


Dealing with domestic violence - adjournment speech

17 Jul 2014

I rise tonight to speak about an issue that all of us here in the chamber are united in our concern about. Despite our concern and good intentions, it is an issue that we are taking a backward step on. We must face the truth about domestic violence and we must be mindful of the impacts that every one of our laws and policies have on this important issue. Every woman who dies through domestic violence is one too many and we, in this chamber, have a responsibility to try to lead the push for cultural change to prevent violence against women and their children.


Apology to my daughter - Larissa Waters on the Carbon Price Repeal bill

16 Jul 2014

Today I hang my head in shame and embarrassment the placing of selfish greed ahead of the public interest


Speech against the repeal of the Mineral Resources Rent Tax

15 Jul 2014

The senate has already rejected this bill once, but because the coal lobby continues to call the shots in this place, here we are again. 

Only this Government would bring down the harshest and most unfair budget in living memory, and simultaneously give a tax break to the big mining companies.
We've got one chance to make sure that the nation gets a share of the windfall profits being made by the 80% foreign-owned multinationals.


Senate speech: Newman’s G20 crackdown

14 Jul 2014

The Labor and Liberal parties have shown disregard for human rights by passing federal legislation to back up Campbell Newman’s draconian G20 laws.


Senate Inquiry report into environmental offsets

26 Jun 2014

It's with great pleasure that I speak to this report this afternoon. It's a very comprehensive report and it's into the somewhat nonsensical notion that you can destroy invaluable and unique parts of Australia's environment and somehow just make a different version somewhere else and that will make up for the damage you've done. 


Larissa Waters blows the lid on Queensland CSG industry, the CMC and the Premier’s Office

26 Jun 2014

I rise to place on the public record some alarming new information regarding the assessment and approvals of two large coal seam gas projects in my home state of Queensland and the events which followed and to draw attention to the cosy relationships between the CSG industry and key decision makers.


Senate Speech: keep funding the federal environment department

24 Jun 2014

I rise to speak against the EPBC cost recovery bill. Sadly crux of this bill is to say that the environment department can only be properly funded if it is willing to tick off on a myriad of destructive developments. I think that's perverse logic. 

We're seeing staff cut after staff cut at the environment department. The department is cronically under-resourced such that it is now not able to perform its functions adequately and now we have this dangerous proposal to say that's alright, you can take money from developers. 


Senate Estimates: Why give $100 million tax incentive to miners, not clean energy?

05 Jun 2014

Larissa Waters asks Treasury officials about the $100 million exploration development incentive in the budget.


Senate Estimates: How will cuts to legal aid impact women who seek justice via the family court?

30 May 2014

The federal budget included cuts to legal aid. What impact will that have on women and children who need to access justice via the family court?


Senate Environmental and Communication Committee - Cuts to Reef and Wildlife Funding

27 May 2014

Reef Rescue funding has had 40 million dollars reallocated, under the Federal Coalition budget, toward the Reef Trust.  Reef Trust is not up and running therefore the majority of this 40 million dollars will go towards general start up costs. An inefficient allocation of resources.


Senate Estimates - Effect of the Budget on Women

27 May 2014

Senator Larissa Waters asks questions on the effect the Coalition's 2014 Budget has on Women.

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