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Greens announce doubling of funding for women’s shelters and call for federal budget funding

29 Apr 2016

The Greens have announced a plan to double funding for women’s shelters and are calling on the Turnbull Government to reverse its domestic violence funding cuts and boost funding in next week’s budget. 


Greens announce 7-point plan to revitalise reef and economy as coal industry collapses

28 Apr 2016

The  Greens say Australia should be planning for a future without coal, not a future without our spectacular Great Barrier Reef, announcing a package of measures to revitalise both the reef and the national economy as the coal industry declines.

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Re-announcement of $50 million for Reef today equals Government’s Reef funding cuts

26 Apr 2016

The Environment Minister's announcement of $50 million in Reef Trust projects today is a re-announcement of existing Reef funding and is undermined by the Government's cut in 2014 of $40 million from a long-standing, water-quality program.  


Cabinet Ministers undermining Paris agreement being signed tonight by questioning climate science

22 Apr 2016

With Cabinet Ministers questioning climate science, the world will have little confidence in Greg Hunt's signature on the Paris climate agreement when he signs it in New York tonight.

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Australian Greens pledge to implement Paris Agreement

22 Apr 2016

The Australian Greens have joined with over 90 Greens parties around the world in committing to implement the Paris Agreement, reached at the UN climate summit, to stabilise global warming at 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels.


Domestic violence advertising campaign must come with boost to crisis funding for women who reach out as a result

20 Apr 2016

With the launch today of the advertising campaign to tackle attitudes that allow domestic violence to fester, the Greens are calling for the Turnbull Government to urgently reverse its cuts to crisis services and boost funding.

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