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Senator Waters questions IPA on gender balance on government boards

12 Oct 2015

How long do you think women have to wait for discrimination to be wiped out?


Senate Environmental and Communication Committee - Cuts to Reef and Wildlife Funding

27 May 2014

Reef Rescue funding has had 40 million dollars reallocated, under the Federal Coalition budget, toward the Reef Trust.  Reef Trust is not up and running therefore the majority of this 40 million dollars will go towards general start up costs. An inefficient allocation of resources.


Submission on the Terms of Reference for the GBRMPA marine strategic assessment and the strategic assessment of coastal impacts on the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area

18 Apr 2012

The Australian Greens share the “extreme concern” expressed by UNESCO about the current management of the Great Barrier Reef, which has facilitated unprecedented increases in industrial development and shipping, which are inconsistent with protecting the Reef’s world heritage values into the future.

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