Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Issues

The Australian Greens acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as Australia’s first peoples and recognise their strong cultural and spiritual connection with the land, and their rights and obligations as owners and custodians. We are committed to seeing these rights reflected in our laws and our society. All Australians, including those living in remote communities, have an equal right to essential government services such as health, education, training, housing, community infrastructure, employment support, and policing. We recognise that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people must be partners in the development and implementation of policies, programs and services that affect them.

The Greens are concerned that Governments continue to overlook the important international agreements that recognise the rights of indigenous peoples and do not invest enough in efforts to bridge the gaps in many areas of our society. We are committed to seeing an end to the Northern Territory Intervention and Stronger Futures Legislation, delivering Constitutional Recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, compensating the Stolen Generations and improving the Native Title system. 


Industrial pollution raining on the Burrup - Questions to the Bureau of Meteorology

18 Nov 2013

Industrial pollution registering as rain on a clear day - just another day under Barnett in the Burrup - a place of the greatest cultural significance too precious to lose.


Larissa Waters' speech on the "Stronger Futures" legislation

29 Jun 2012

The Australian Greens oppose this legislation; it proposes to extend both the time frame and the geographic scope of an ineffective and damaging policy, which is the NT intervention under another name. This is despite widespread opposition to the intervention and a serious lack of evidence that it has been at all effective in improving outcomes for affected communities.


Greens question Government on Wild Rivers

18 Mar 2012

Senator Larissa Waters asks questions of Senator Stephen Conroy about the Government's ability to protect river systems in Queensland, should an LNP Government roll back Wild Rivers laws.

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